This Is Our Story On How We Got Started

Artasia and Gary Herndon, a dynamic young black couple, embarked on an entrepreneurial journey that began with a life-changing revelation. Upon learning they were expecting their first child, their goals shifted, and a vision emerged—to create a legacy through their own business, one that their son Amauri could eventually take the reins of and continue to nurture. This vision materialized into A&G, a brand that signifies more than just initials; it stands for "AFFIRMING GREATNESS with Style."

A&G's mission goes beyond fashion; it's about revitalizing, inspiring, and motivating individuals across the globe through the power of clothing and positive affirmations. Regardless of one's circumstances, A&G believes that everyone deserves to feel exceptional. Their clothing line not only exudes style but also serves as a source of empowerment. Each piece is embedded with positive affirmations, meticulously designed to inspire and uplift, even on the toughest days.

In its inaugural year, A&G operated from the confines of a modest two-bedroom apartment, a testament to Artasia and Gary's unrelenting passion and drive. With no prior experience in the fashion industry, they dedicated countless hours to research and skill-building. Balancing full-time jobs and the responsibilities of parenthood, including caring for their son Amauri, they managed to handcraft each T-shirt, hoodie, and sweatsuit. Every product bore their personal touch, as they meticulously cut vinyl and applied heat presses themselves.




A&G's commitment to making a difference extended beyond their living room. They actively participated in pop-up shops and various events, sharing their brand and message with their local community. The brand's dedication did not go unnoticed, as they were blessed with opportunities to travel to cities like Ruston, LA, and Atlanta, GA, to promote their mission of inspiring individuals to live their best lives and become the best versions of themselves.



Since its establishment in November 2020, A&G has experienced the highs and lows that come with owning a clothing brand. Yet, the Herndon's harbor no intention of slowing down. Instead, they look forward to expanding their brand's reach and influence, aspiring to become one of the world's leading inspirational clothing brands.


Artasia and Gary Herndon's journey with A&G is not just a story of entrepreneurship; it's a testament to the power of determination, passion, and the unwavering belief that greatness can be achieved through clothing that inspires and uplifts. As they continue their mission, they aim to inspire individuals across the globe, one positive affirmation at a time, and prove that with dedication and a vision, anything is possible.